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A message from Cristy:
Let’s be ready to continue the momentum next fall!

Greetings CA partners,

It’s been a challenging year. Nonetheless, pre and post COVID-19, Connecting Activities and local high schools have worked together to make an impact on students’ lives, helping them to gain the knowledge, skills, and awareness to make informed college and career decisions.

To continue the momentum, we call on each of our partner school to start thinking NOW about how you can take advantage of Connecting Activities services next year. Read through this edition of the newsletter – see what we’ve accomplished this year, services available, and especially, take a look at Jessy Abramson’s article on best practices in partnering with our CA program.

I’ll be giving principals and guidance counselors a call to set up a Zoom meeting in August to plan how we’ll work together next fall. I look forward to hearing from you on how our Connecting Activities services can best meet the needs of your students.

In the meantime, have a great summer and keep well!

Cristy and the CA Team
Youth Workforce Program Manager